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A Message from Dan King

Principal and Founder of Career Management, Inc.

I'm a lucky guy.  For more than 30 years, I've been helping others plan and manage their careers and worklives.  I've worn many hats - counselor, teacher, coach and confidant, to name a few-- and have been fortunate to build a career doing work that I love to do. I'm humbled by the successes of our clients and by the lives we've touched. Looking ahead to the next chapter, I've started drafting plans for redesigning my own personal and professional life.

I'm still available to coach and counsel clients, but will be phasing out Career Planning and Management, Inc. to pursue some other interests and to travel more.  Given the changing needs and preferences of the clients I serve, I'll be providing support primarily by phone and Skype through my partnership in MeaningfulCareers.com. You can reach me email, phone or text: 617-645-7429 or dan@meaningfulcareers.com.

TurningPointIf virtual coaching won’t work for you, or if you’re in the process of researching possible coaches, I recommend using TurningPoint’s career coach matching service. The site is run by my colleague Kathy Robinson, who will help you connect to a good coach for your specific situation.

I'm grateful for the confidence you've placed in me all these years and look forward to maintaining a long and lasting relationship (even if virtual) in the future.

All the best,

Dan King

Partner, MeaningfulCareers.com
Email:  dan@meaningfulcareers.com
Phone or text:  617-645-7429