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Not long ago there was a predictable workplace where you could depend on continuous employment and job security. With minimal planning, your career happened quite naturally.


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Consequently, we're unprepared for today's career challenges. In a workplace where change and competition raise varying levels of uncertainty, even the most confident individuals wonder "where do I fit" and "what's my future." And the answers are not quickly forthcoming.

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Today, more than ever, it is imperative to take control of your career and with it, the decisions which will pose both responsibility and reward, accountability and achievement.

Career planning is a lifelong process.

Along this continuum, career decisions will differ according to your personal and professional criteria at each juncture of life. With coaching and guidance, you can clarify goals; achieve balance among work, family and self; and avoid reactive and costly decisions.

Career Planning and Management, Inc. serves as a counseling resource to help you assess your skills and interests, and explore the options at every stage of your career. Working with you, we help formulate career strategies which respect your personal and professional priorities. To meet your needs, we offer the following services:


Career and Life Planning
Testing and Assessment
Career Coaching
Mid-Career Redirection
Pre-Retirement Planning
Job Search Assistance
Resume Development
Employment Search Strategy
Interview Preparation
Professional Career Marketing

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Program Descriptions and Fees


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